Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Microdrama: Our Narrative

A couple are walking when the boyfriend gets a call. He leaves for a minute to take the call, and comes back to find his girlfriend has gone missing. He searches for her and eventually is led to a room where he finds the person who has taken his girlfriend. He throws a shoe which he finds on the ground and knocks out the kidnapper, then finds his girlfriend and returns her shoe to her.
Characters/Proppian Archetypes
Conal - boyfriend - hero/protagonist
Amber - girlfriend - princess or prize
Me (Poppy) - kidnapper- villian/antagonist
Amber - person with iPad - donor/helper
Sarah - mysterious person who turns out to be kidnapper - false hero
Narrative Enigma + Binary Oppositions
The narrative enigma is created when we don't know who the villian is/who has kidnapped Amber.
The binary oppositions are:

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