Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Opening EG3: Napoleon Dynamite


Napoleon Dynamite 
Jared Hess, 2004

Budget: $400K; US box office: $44M

Opening duration: 5:20
Rottentomatoes.com 71%; IMDB 6.8.

Summary/Ideas I Might Use



All titles in order:
Fox Searchlight Pictures
and Paramount Pictures Present
in association with MTV Films
starring Jon Heder
as Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Gries
Aaron Ruell
Efren Ramirez
Tina Majorino
with Diedrich Bader
casting by Gary Weitz
music by John Swihart
edited by Jeremy Coon
Production Cory Lorenzen Designer
director of photography Munn Powell
executive producer Gary Weitz
Produced by Jeremy Coon Chris Wyatt Sean Covel
written by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess
directed by Jared Hess
total title and ident time: 3:30


Narrative, Genre, and Exposition


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