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SDB: Film Opening EG 1: Friends With Benefits

FilmOpeningEG1: Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits
Will Gluck, 2011
Screen Gems (presents) (A Will Gluck Film);Castle Rock Entertainment;Zucker Productions (as Zucker);Olive Bridge Entertainment (prod.)
Sony Pictures Releasing (UK Distributor)


Box Office (US) $55.9m 70%; IMDB 6.5; Roger Ebert 3*

Friends With Benefits is a rom-com starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. It is a classic boy meets girl synopsis set in the busy city of New York. Leading seperate lives, these two business associates meet and decide to become "friends with benefits", before eventually falling in love.

In the intro the film starts straight away with an audio bridge between the one ident and the action of the first character Justin timberlake at work. A non-diegetic song is playing throughout the whole of the interval.  It is an upbeat, modern song which straight away gives us the impression that this is going to be some sort of comedy, with a happy bubbly romantic theme running throughout.

 The music goes slightly quieter as background music (still non-diegetic) as the characters are introduced and start to use dialogue so we can concentrate on the humour used there, with slapstick comedy as one character starts getting dressed in the office. Diegetic soundsthen come into play as both Mila and Justin are on the phone (making it look like they're on the phone to eachother) as they are rushing through loud, busy New York. They are both meeting their partners however it is not actually eachother. When they both finally meet and reveals to the audience that it is infact someone else they have met, the non-diegeticmusic stops abruptly and the dialogue continues.

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