Wednesday, 8 January 2014

LIAR: Rough Cut #2

This is the second rough cut for our movie opening Liar. We have added music to the first part to get a feel for what the music will be like. We have re-edited some sections to make it a faster cut. We have added sound effects to the end when the scream queen runs into the CCTV footage and it is an audio bridge to the main title. 
We still need to add more music on to the second part of the movie opening. We also need to re-think the stabbing section as it looks fake and loses verisimilitude. We had feedback from a class of about 30 students and many of them mentioned the stabbing scenes among other things. (You can see the full feedback post here). We also need to continue editing it and cutting sections still to make it faster and a cleaner cut. 

Rough cut #2: 

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