Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Microdrama: Completed + Reflections

The Task: 
We were told to make a short drama so we could learn about using Final Cut Pro, the different narrative theories, and different shot types. This was our final edit:


If I had more time, I would've taken more care in composing the shots like getting a better close up (not blurry) and would've taken more shots at different angles of the same part. This would enable me to cut between shots quicker and the shots would also be better.

I could improve it by spending longer on the filming part which means I could get the right shot instead of having to just use the only video that we had. I could also improve by creating my own sound effects so they would be more suited and precise to the video.

The red shoe was a key part of the video and I think if we had done more with that it would have made it more interesting and improved it.

We used Barthes' narrative enigma theory by not showing the antagonist until the end of the microdrama.

I think a musical theme that was continuous throughout would have improved it too by setting the tone even more.

This was my first time using Final Cut Pro to edit video so as I continue using it I will get better.

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