Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sound EG1: Heathers

Heathers movie poster
Michael Lehmann, 1988
New World Pictures and Cinemarque Entertainment (prod.)

Budget: $3M; US box office: $1.1M

Opening duration:
Rottentomatoes.com 95%; IMDB 7.2; Roger Ebert 2.5*.

Summary/Ideas I Might Use
An opening shot that isn't an extreme long shot. Music as an audio bridge between the ident and the opening shot. Dialogue as the only diegetic sound.
Heathers is a black comedy / coming of age cult classic starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, about four girls, three of which are named Heather, in a clique at a high school in Ohio.
New World Pictures Ident

It begins with only one ident, New World Pictures, and uses the song Que Sera, Sera by Syd Straw as an audio bridge between the ident, the titles, and the opening shot, that of one of the Heathers putting a red scrunchie into her hair.

Heather putting scrunchie in hair
The music is continuous throughout the opening scene.The only interruption to the music is the main characters speaking. The music is used in an ironic way, because it is quite calm and orderly like how the girls are acting (they are walking in unison). The music is emphasising the niceness about the scene, how they are playing croquet and drinking tea.
However, the Heathers trample the flowers in the flowerbed and don't
Heathers trampling the flowerbed
seem to care about it. This is the ironic part and is funny to the audience, so setting the dark comedic tone to the movie.

I think the music fits the opening perfectly because it's really trying to show the irony of the situation and setting the tone of the movie very well.

The movie trailer:

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