Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pitch: Backing Video and Feedback


SYNOPSIS: Horror opening, a girl is trying to escape her killer, only to find herself back in her killer's arms without even realising.

COMPARABLE TO: crywolf/babysitter wanted

PLOT: A girl is tied up in a woods/shed and she unties herself and starts running away, gets to a road and starts running up it. all the time she is looking behind her and still running. A car drives by and she waves it down and gets in. She says drive and the man in the car is going no whats the matter? He doesnt drive and someone else walks in to the light of the car lights. The girl is getting frantic and shouting and the man in the car drives off. Looks like she is safe, she is thanking him. She gets out her phone to ring her friend. They pull up to the shed again and the girl is really confused and then horrified because she realises she isnt safe. The man reaches over and then it cuts to titles and screaming.

Target audience: teenagers/young adults
Setting: forest/creepy road (near roses house). Secluded and unclear where she is. Quiet/idyllic. Dark/nighttime. Shed/building/outhouse
clothing: white dress, ripped, blood?, revealing, running makeup
killer clothes (black, signifies evil)
man in cars clothes (brown, boring, normal person)
phone (pink, girly), car (bland)
Cast: blonde girl, older man in car, second antagonist

Pitch Feedback:
Generally good feedback saying it was a good idea although needed some developing such as sound effects and what will be needed to create these. Also the actors would be very important to create a convincing portrayal of the characters. There were questions regarding costume such as will the man in the car be wearing black too, to which the answer was yes, he will be wearing black, but could also be wearing ordinary clothes to not let on to the audience if he was bad. The video worked time-wise.

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