Saturday, 30 November 2013

Final Cut Pro X (Pt 2)

I have continued using Final Cut Pro X since the microdrama editing, and feel like I have improved. I am more understanding of some of the more complicated tools in the program. I also feel able to experiment more confidently with different sections of Final Cut.
I have learnt that you can find the more complex tools you might need by a simple google search or through youtube videos. This is useful if I want to try a new technique, as I can watch and learn how to do it independently.
I have learnt how to use keyframing this way, and although I haven't got complete grasp of it, I know the basics of how it works and how to create simple effects this way. This is very handy for if I get stuck, I can just go back on have a quick look on how to do it, and this helps me learn better too.
Another new thing I have been experimenting with is the effects that you can put on the video. We used the day to night effect to see what it would look like at the start of the forest scene of our film opening and it was very effective, with a few tweaks from me and Sarah.
Overall, I think that I have become more confident with the program and feel like it will greatly help how our movie opening looks and the general ease of access to quality, but simple, editing equipment will help me with making our movie opening look as good as it can do.

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